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10 Things You Share with Your Friends When Drunk

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Drinking with friends is the best thing ever. You don’t worry what will happen if you are too drunk to handle. Here are some of the things you share with your friends when drunk. You may not remember these things, but they happen with you.
1.  No one admits after drinking that they are drunk. When your friend stops you from having more drinks, you say that you are not drunk.OMGVIS0302-1
2.  You always like your friend, but didn’t tell them. When you are drunk, you admitted that you love them so much.OMGVIS0302-23.  You tell them how you exactly feel about them.OMGVIS0302-34.  You share with them you secrets. You tell them some things about your past life that you never shared with them.OMGVIS0302-55.  You tell them it was the best life of your life.OMGVIS0302-46.  You don’t know how to dance, but when you are drunk, you compel your friends to dance with you.OMGVIS0302-67.  You have enough drinks, but you still ask your friends to line up some shots.OMGVIS0302-7

8.    You promise that it was your last drink and you will never drink again. OMGVIS0302-89.  You start making some plans with your friends to conquer the world and then forget everything about them.CP86E210. You may have never smoked in your life, but when you are too drunk, you ask your friends to smoke with you.


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