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7 Stereotypical Expectations That Most of The Indian Parents Have

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Indian parents are very sweet. They extra care for their children and make sure their kids have everything they want. But, sometimes, they go off the track. Here are some of the stereotypical expectations many Indian Parents usually have.

1. According to Indian parents, successful are the people who study engineering or MBBS. They always push their kids to study hard and focus on getting a seat in a engineering or medical college.OMGVIS0297-1
2. They want their children to be independent, but once the kids get past the age of 18, they are asked to marry a person of their choice. For them, love marriage is a like a slap on their face. OMGVIS0297-2
3. They make different rules for boys and girls. According to them, boys can’t cry and girls don’t have the right to work late night.OMGVIS0297-3
4. According to Indian parents, their children’s problems are linked to their sleep. If the kids get up early in the morning, all of their problems will be solved.OMGVIS0297-4
5. They want that their children’s salaries must be more than relatives and neighbors.OMGVIS0297-5
6. For Indian parents, society comes first. According to them, if their children choose their career, society will go against them.

7. Some parents try to live their dreams through their children. They don’t realize that it could create unnecessary pressure on a child.

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