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8 Reasons Why Indian Television Ads Are Annoying

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Earlier, television was the major source of entertainment, but now it has become a platform to advertise anything. Ads today are not only senseless, but they are annoying too. Here are some of the reasons why Indian television ads are irritating.

1. You are advertizing a cement brand, but in spite of showing anything about the product, you are flaunting a hot girl.OMGVIS0309-1
2. Television ads do not focus on the brand and include beautiful models without any need. OMGVIS0309-2
3. There are some ads where they do not exhibit the real meaning and the part they show is totally meaningless.OMGVIS0309-3
4. In spite of showing qualities of a product, they try to lure customers by talking about the price.OMGVIS0309-4
5. In Indian television ads, every car, bike and utility vehicle is at number one spot. OMGVIS0309-5
6. For Indian TV ads, you just have to apply deodorant or perfume to attract a hot girl.OMGVIS0309-6
7. A tea can make you feel confident, so do washing power.OMGVIS0309-7
8. Successful are the people who love to chew Pan Masala.        OMGVIS0309-8

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