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8 Signs You Find Faults In Everything

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Are you among the people who have habit of cribbing your family and friends? If yes, then you belong to a club of people who find fault in everything. You are always in search of perfection. Here are some of the signs which prove that you find faults in everything.

1. You love to find faults. You have a habit of double or triple checking something till you find a fault in it.OMGVIS0296-1
2. For you, even a minor mistake is a big issue. You favorite line is ‘This is good but something is still missing’.OMGVIS0296-2
3. It becomes very difficult for you to adjust at maximum places just because you have issues with them.

4. You don’t believe in compromising. You want everything 100% accurate.

5. You have earned a degree in finding minor or major faults in everything. According to you, 99.9% is still not perfect.

6. Whether it is about buying a new phone or getting more than 90% marks in an exam, you are never satisfied.

7. Your day starts and ends with criticizing everything. It is your favorite activity to do.

8. Your friends are always annoyed by you. They are scared to share something with you.

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