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Five Types of Boss You Might End Up With

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If you want a successful and a peaceful career, you must learn the art of dealing with your boss. It is very difficult to find a good boss. That is why many of us end up working for a bad boss. Here are five types of Boss you might end up with.
1.    The Sulky Boss: They are the people who keep sulking about everything. They are never satisfied with their employees’ efforts and never compliments. They are always ready to find faults in their employees’ work.OMGVIS0303-12.    The Poor Leader: They have no idea how to handle their offices. While working for such bosses, you feel like you can lead your colleagues better than your boss. Such bosses are not good with work themselves. OMGVIS0303-23.    The Happy Boss: He is the type of boss that every individual dreams of working with. Such bosses are always happy and cheerful. They are nice, understanding and always ready to help their employees. OMGVIS0303-34.    The Angry Boss: Employees always afraid of him. The angry boss is the most hated boss. You hate him from the very first day of your office. He can fire you even if you drop a pin in the office at the wrong time. Employees feel like a slave while working under that boss.OMGVIS0303-45.    The Perfectionist Boss: For him, everything should be perfect. He even tires to control all your work. Sometimes, his behavior leaves you with very little trust in your own abilities.      OMGVIS0303-5

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