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Five Ways to Prevent Your PC from Slowing Down

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One of the biggest annoying things about a computer is when the machine gets slow over time. It starts happening about a year after you bought your PC. Here are some of the ways to prevent your personal computer from slowing down.
1.    Reboot: A number of computer users have the habit of using hibernate or sleep. They barely shut down their computer. It is the major reason for slower processing. It is important to reboot the computer. OMGVIS0298-1
2.    Uninstall Not Used Programs: When you install a new game or program to a PC, some files are written in the operating system. It is important to unstill those programs which you are not using from a long time.OMGVIS0298-23.    Empty Recycle bin: When you delete a file from your PC, it goes into a temporary folder. It stays there until you delete it and slows down the machine. Make sure you are deleting unnecessary files from the recycle bin folder. OMGVIS0298-3
4.    Avoid Installing Unnecessary Software: Software that you are not using make your PC perform slowly. Before installing software, think twice. May be you don’t want it for a longer time. OMGVIS0298-45.    Clean Your Desktop: Some people have a habit of keeping a number of files on desktop. It results in a slower processing computer. Make sure you are not keeping unnecessary files on the desktop.     OMGVIS0298-5

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