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7 Differences Between Kids from 90’s and Those of Today

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With the time, people and their habits have changed. Today, when we look back, we see the things have changed. Childhood of people 90’s to the ones from today have drastic differences. Here are some of the differences:
1.    90’s kids: Kids of that time used to play outdoor games like hide and seek, football, cricket and so on.OMGVIS011-1Today’s Kids: Instead of playing outdoor games, today’s kids prefer to stay at home and play games like candy crush and temple run on smartphones and play stations.

2.    90’s kids: It doesn’t matter for kids from 90s that they have loads of homework to do. After 5 pm every day, they used to play their favorite games.      OMGVIS011-2Today’s Kids: It doesn’t matter 5 pm or 9 pm, you have to work on your school project.

3.    90’s kids: Holding a cell phone in hand was a big deal. OMGVIS011-3Today’s Kids: They have the trendiest and costly smatphones.

4.    90’s kids: They know the actual meaning of making notes. They used to write down notes. OMGVIS011-4Today’s Kids: Why to write down notes when you can mail them?

5.    90’s kids: For them, hangout means playing with friends in a nearby park or staying at friend’s house during exams.  OMGVIS011-5Today’s Kids: They usually enjoy with friends in malls, bars and discos.

6.    90’s kids: For them, gifts mean a chocolate. OMGVIS011-6Today’s Kids: Gift only means branded products.

7.    90’s kids: The actual meaning of punishment was to not go out in the evenings to play.OMGVIS011-7Today’s Kids: Banning cell phones, video games and Wi-Fi is a punishment.

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