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7 Reasons Why Men Hate Relationships

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A relationship is based on commitments made by both men and women, but as demands of women simultaneously rising, a number of men prefer to stay single. According to some surveys, guys are less likely to get into long- term relationships and there are a number of reasons behind that. Here are some of the reasons why men hate relationships.

1. Relationship means commitments where a man has to spend a huge amount of time with his partner. It means they will have less ‘me-time’ and they love their time with their buddies.OMGVIS0018-1
2. Guys don’t want themselves to be engaged into useless conversations. They don’t want anyone to questions them on every single thing. OMGVIS0018-2
3. Guys are social creatures and love to live their life on their own rules. They don’t want anyone to control them. They have their own rules and don’t want to alter them for anyone.OMGVIS0018-3
4. Men love to take their decision from ‘I’ point of view, while a girl wants decisions from ‘We’ point of view.OMGVIS0018-4
5. When a woman is jealous, she starts spying her partner and men hate it. They don’t want anyone to follow them secretly.OMGVIS0018-5

6. Girls have a habit of noticing every small thing. They can give speech of a lipstick. On the other hand, guys don’t believe in such things. This difference creates an issue.OMGVIS0018-6
7. Women become mature quicker than men. Women start thinking about future earlier than men.OMGVIS0018-7

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