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8 Things Only People Who Don’t Know How To Dance Will Understand

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If you love to socialize but don’t know how to dance then parties and gatherings is not your cup of tea. Revelers with glasses will force you to come on the dance floor. Here are some of the things that you will understand when you are in a party and really have no idea about how to dance.

1. A proposal from friends to hit the disc often leaves you with uncomfortable feelings.OMGVIS0306-1
2. You don’t know how to react when DJ plays one of your favorite songs.OMGVIS0306-2
3. You dream to go out with your friends to a club and dance like a professional dancer.OMGVIS0306-3
4. Your heart breaks when a very hot individual ask you for a dance and you are like ‘what I am going to say now?’OMGVIS0306-4
5. When you are with your friends in a disc, you are always happy with your drink when your other friends are enjoying their dance.OMGVIS0306-5
6. You dare to dance only when you are two bottles down. OMGVIS0306-6
7. When one of your friends invites you to a wedding, you become nervous because you think you will be forced to dance there. OMGVIS0306-7
8.  Family weddings are the scariest occasions for you. You pretend to stay busy when someone asks you to dance.        OMGVIS0306-8

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