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Chinese Construction Company Builds Three Building Floors Each Day

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There is no doubt that China is a manufacturing hub. Now, the country has achieved any milestone with a sustainable Chinese construction company managing to build skyscrapers within few days.

Broad Sustainable Building, a construction company based in Changsha, China, has built a 57-floor building within 19 days. The challenging task has been completed by using modular technology. The pieces of the structure and other parts were made at a manufacturing facility, the workers only fixed them at the site location.


The company released an online video that shows the building process for its recently completed Mini Sky City – a 57-story building in Changsha that has 800 homes and working space for 4,000 people.


The company finished the structure within 19 days. The original plan was to construct 97 floors but due to proximity to airport, the plan was changed.


Ultimately it was lowered from 97 stories to 57 stories because of the building’s proximity to an airport.


The video shows the employees creating each individual story off site and the deliver it to the location. A time lapse of the project shows its assembly that took less than three weeks.


According to its official website, Broad Sustainable Building works in 70 countries across the world.



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