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Clean Ganga Project taken by NDA Government and its Slow Progress

Clean Ganga Project taken by NDA Government and its Slow Progress
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After forming government, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that cleaning the pious river Ganga will be a priority of the NDA Government. A lot has been said over last one year and lot of things have been planned till date. However, the action is missing. In this post, we are not criticizing anyone but trying to figure out how long it could take and what are the challenges. In July 2014, the Government of India announced an integrated Ganges-development project titled Namami Ganga and allocated ₹2,037 crore for this purpose.OMGM002-1 OMGM002-2

Our Viewpoint

OMGStory team feels that there isn’t a need to spend billions on cleaning up Ganga. The first and foremost requirement should be to stop the waste dumping in the Ganga. The clean water that comes from the glaciers in the Himalayas, might reach the Bay of Bengal within few weeks. As clean and fresh water keeps on coming from the glaciers, within few weeks, the pious Ganga will clean up on its own, if we stop dumping trash.


Here is what everyone has said so far about Cleanup operation for the holiest river on the planet.

Prime Minister Modi’s statements and actions


Ganga Cleaning Challenging, Need Mission-Mode Approach: PM Modi (March 2015)

PM Modi With Spade Cleans Assi Ghat in Varanasi (November 2014)

Honorable Supreme Court of India

‘Will You Clean Up Ganga In This Term or The Next?’ (January 14, 2015)

Clean Ganga Project: Supreme Court Dissatisfied, Says Heads Must Roll (October 2014)

Cleaning Ganga Will Take 18 Years and Massive Investment: Centre to Supreme Court (September 2014)

‘Your Plan Will Take 200 Years to Clean Ganga’: Supreme Court Raps Centre (September 2014)


Other Politicians


Ganga Can’t be Cleaned in 50 Years: BJP Leader Murli Manohar Joshi (June 2015)

Centre Committed to Cleaning All Rivers: Prakash Javadekar (April 2015)

Will Clean Up Ganga in Three Years, Says Union Minister Uma Bharti (December 2014)

River Gomti to be Cleaned on Lines of River Ganga, Says Union Minister Rajnath Singh (September 2014)

Expertise from IITs to be Utilised for Cleaning Ganga: Uma Bharti (July 2014)

Sadhus, MPs and MLAs to be Part of Ganga Cleaning Mission, Says Uma Bharti (June 2014)

Detailed Report on the Ganga River Cleaning Project to be Ready in a Month (June 2014)


According to Wikipedia….

The Ganges was ranked as the fifth most polluted river of the world in 2007. Pollution threatens not only humans, but also more than 140 fish species, 90 amphibian species and the endangered Ganges river dolphin. The Ganga Action Plan, an environmental initiative to clean up the river, has been a major failure thus far, due to corruption, lack of technical expertise, poor environmental planning, and lack of support from religious authorities.

It is time to bring in awareness about cleaning up of Ganga and cleaning up of our country. We need not spend billions on it. We need to only change our attitude.

Actual Situation

At certain places, the pollution has gone thousands of times higher than permissible limits.





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