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Expectations of A Man From A Woman Before Marriage Versus The Reality After It

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There are many types of relationships in the world. Relationship between wife and husband is the special one. They have expectations from each other. Here are expectations a man has from his woman before marriage and the reality after it.

1. Expectations: A man expects that his wife is going to handle all the activities of their house. She will keep the house clean.

Reality: Forget about clean house, there will huge pile of clothes on the bed.OMGVIS0307-1
2. Expectations: You will have not to find your clothes and other personal things. Wife will take care for everything.

Reality: You have to care for your belongings. You have to save them from getting lost.OMGVIS0307-2
3. Expectations: You will be the happiest person the planet because you are going to eat wonderful meals each day.

Reality: You are visiting your nearby restaurants earlier than ever.OMGVIS0307-3
4. Expectations: When you will be tired of your work, your wife will make you comfy.

Reality: She is super busy and you have to make your own tea.OMGVIS0307-4
5. Expectations: You will have enough time to enjoy your favorite sport uninterrupted.

Reality: You will never even get an opportunity to check the score. Here serials will annoy you.OMGVIS0307-5

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