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Seven Things Indians Are Obsessed With

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India is a nation of vapid convictions. The country is unbeatable when it comes to obsessions. Here are seven of the things people in Indian are obsessed with.

1. Tea: Whether it is a big party, small gathering or leisure time, nothing is complete without tea. The combo of tea with samosa is very famous in India.OMGVIS0308-1
2. Bollywood: In India, Bollywood is every single person’s vocabulary. Indians not only enjoy Bollywood flicks, but they use their favorite stars’ dialogues in their daily lives.OMGVIS0308-2
3. Fair Skin: You can sell anything in India by saying it will help in glowing their skin. Parents in India always look for a fair and lovely bride and handsome groom. Indians love skin creams.OMGVIS0308-3
4. Cricket: Cricket in not a game in India, it’s a religion. Here, people don’t watch cricket, they live it. Cricketers are next to God for Indian cricket fans. OMGVIS0308-4
5. Daily Soaps: It is among the most favorite activities of Indian women. They can discuss a serial with their friends anytime and anywhere.OMGVIS0308-5
6. Speaking English: Hindi is India’s national language and there are many other languages in the country, but still a number of people in the country are obsessed with speaking English.OMGVIS0308-6
7. Superstition: Although we are in 21st century, Indians are still so obsessed with superstitions that they connect their daily problems to some kind of supernatural stuff.OMGVIS0308-7

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