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5 Exercises to Correct Your Posture

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For good health, you must have correct posture. If you have proper posture, you will look younger than your actual age. According to experts, good posture provides you confidence and leadership. Exercise is the best way to correct posture.

1. Pull Ups: You may have tried this exercise in your gym, but do you know it can help you in getting a perfect posture? The exercise is performed against the gravity where body is pushed upwards.OMGVIS014-1
2. Push Ups: It is one of the easiest and most effective ways to cure your posture. The greatest thing about the floor exercise is that it is useful for each gender. Adding to that, even children can do the exercise to correct their posture.
3. Neck Rotations: Your posture is linked to your neck. It is among the easiest and most neglected exercises for better posture. You can perform the exercise anytime and anywhere.
4. Shoulder Rolls: While performing this exercise, make sure you are standing comfortably. Roll your shoulders slowly. Regular exercise of this type will give you are a perfect posture.
5. Splits: If you want to stretch your core muscles, you must try this exercise. It is pretty helpful when you are looking to correct faults of your back. Try doing the exercise slowly and gently.    OMGVIS014-5

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