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7 Types of Annoying People You Find on Roads

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Driving on busy roads is among the most annoying things to do. There are some people who do not believe in traffic rules. They not only irritate you, but also make you angry. Here are seven kinds of people you usually find on roads.

1. Speed Lovers: They are the people who think they are driving on ‘Need for Speed’ game’s roads. They love to keep their foot on accelerator without worrying for others’ lives.OMGVIS016-1
2. Honking Addicted: They are the people who keep on honking without any reason. They can honk even when there are hundreds of vehicles are lined up in the jam.OMGVIS016-2
3. Confused Drivers: They don’t know why they are driving and where they want to go. They give indicator for right side, but turn left.OMGVIS016-3
4. Overtaking Experts: Don’t dare to overtake them. Once you go past them, they start a race with you and try their best to overtake you.OMGVIS016-4
5. Lane Changers: They are the people who think roads belong to them. They keep on changing their lanes even without using indicators.OMGVIS016-5
6. Rule Breakers: They have no respect for the traffic rules. They even don’t care for red lights.OMGVIS016-6
7. Daredevils: For such drivers, driving on main road is too main stream. When there are many vehicles lined up in a jam, they took turn to footpath and start showing their driving skills.      OMGVIS016-7

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