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8 Reasons You Must Learn to say ‘NO’

8 Reasons You Must Learn to say ‘NO’
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For some people, saying ‘No’ to someone is the most difficult thing to say. Sometimes in your life, you face situations when you must say ‘no’. There are lots of good reasons to say no and some of them are as follow:

1. Sometimes, a ‘yes’ can put you in even messier situation because you were not ready to take the task in your hand.OMGVIS013-1
2. When you say ‘yes’ to a task, you are bound to complete it. The task puts unnecessary pressure on you.OMGVIS013-2
3. When you say ‘yes’, you are going to extend your limits and it will not give you the best results.

4. You said ‘yes’ just because you could not say ‘no’. At the end, it will frustrate you.

5. Sometimes, when you say ‘yes’ to others, you are going to compromise your time. It means you will not have enough time for yourself.

6. When you say ‘yes’ to someone, it gives them an opportunity in future to take you for granted.

7. People will learn that you don’t say ‘yes’ to everything.

8 Like everyone, you have your own priorities. When you say ‘yes’ to someone, you make your own commitments to suffer.

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