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10 Things That Only People in India Do

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India is among the world’s most diverse countries. Indians always surprise the world. Whether it is about launching a low-budget probe to Mars or peeing on public places, there is always something surprising that you will find in India. Here are some of things that only Indians do.
1. Indians don’t believe in the concept of zebra crossing. They can cross a busy road without caring about green signal.

2. Don’t complain if someone in India keeps staring at you. People who come from cultures where people don’t have any time to give a passing glance to anyone will feel in India like everyone is looking at them. OMGVIS0024-2
3. Forget about respecting a law, Indian have lots of questions about laws. No law is perfect or helpful, according to Indians.OMGVIS0024-3
4. How many languages you can speak? People in India can speak more than one language.

5. Indians are always up with plan B. For example, if an Indian woman doesn’t have a hair drier, she can use an iron for the purpose.

6. Bargain is not everyone’s cup of team. Indians can bargain easily and with an ease.

7. Where a number of people on the earth prefer eating their foods with knife and fork, several Indians enjoy their foods by eating with hands.

8. Indians have started adjusting. The country has lots of problems like populations, corruption and pollution, but still people are living their life happily.

9. They can cry when they are sad, marriage ceremonies, cricket team wins a match, chopping onion and even when they are happy.

10. Indian houses always have more containers than a grocery shop.

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