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7 Animals That Are Eaten Alive In Some Cultures

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Do you know lobsters are cooked alive? There are some people who do not eat dead animals, but there are some cultures too around the world where some animals are eaten alive by humans. Here are some of those animals:

1. Octopus: The dish is named ‘Sannakji’ in Korea and cooked with sesame and sesame oil. When the dish is served, its arms still squirm.OMGVIS0022-1
2. Oysters: These are eaten by humans in several locations of the globe. They are considered very healthy as oysters can be helpful in increasing the libido of a person.OMGVIS0022-2
3. Sea Urchins: The small and spiny animal is eaten right after catching it from the sea. It is a popular practice is countries like Italy. A number of people who like to eat the animal prefer to lick it.OMGVIS0022-3
4. Shrimps: The seafood is served in a number of restaurants where many shrimps are served together. The creatures keep on moving until they are chewed by foodies.OMGVIS0022-4
5. Maggots: There is a traditional Sardinian sheep milk cheese, Casu Maru, which includes a number of maggots that are alive. Several people around the globe love to eat the cheese with maggots.OMGVIS0022-5
6. Ants: The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, is known for a special type of salad which includes crawling ants. The ant salad is eaten by plenty of cultures.OMGVIS0022-6
7. Fish: There is a dish where ikizukuri is served alive and ying yang yu is deep fried. The dish is served with sweet and sour sauce in many restaurants.      OMGVIS0022-7

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