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8 Annoying Comments Boys Pass On Girls That Should Be Stopped Right Now

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There are two types of boys on earth: first, who respect girls and treat them like goddess, and then comes the second type of guys who not only disrespect women but pass some annoying comments. Eight of such comments are here that should be stopped right now.

1. Some boys are astrologer who can tell about a girl’s relationship. While talking to a girl, they usually say, “I can bet you are single right now”.OMGVIS0026-1
2. You know you are putting on weight. Why don’t you hit a gym?OMGVIS0026-2
3. While talking to a weak girl, they say, “don’t you like to eat food?”OMGVIS0026-3
4. A girl could be your close friend. It doesn’t mean she loves you. When a girl is too friendly, some boys use to say, “Don’t you think we should date each other?”OMGVIS0026-4
5. When a girl has a new haircut, some boys are like, “You are looking so different! Why you took a haircut?”

6. You look like a man and you don’t laugh like a girl.

7. Some guys try to reach the next level and start asking personal questions like ‘what you wear at night?’

8. You eat like man.

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