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10 Things All Vegetarians Are Tired of Hearing

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Some people see vegetarians with the same eye they see a 40-year-man as virgin. Eyebrows of non-vegetarians move up when they meet a vegetarian. They pass some silly statements which not only embarrass people who love greens but irritate them too. Here are some of the annoying things vegetarians have tired of hearing.

1. Are you serious you don’t eat meat? How can you live without eating chicken?OMGVIS0029-1
2. Was it your decision to be vegetarian or your parents forced you? OMGVIS0029-2
3. Oh My God! You never ate chicken or mutton in your life? Believe me, you are missing the real joy of life.OMGVIS0029-3
4. If you don’t eat chicken, where you get essential protein from?OMGVIS0029-4
5. You should try at least an egg. It is also a part of every vegetarian’s diet.OMGVIS0029-5
6. Oh! You mean animals have life then why you eat plants as they also have life?OMGVIS0029-6
7. How you manage to live without meat? I went without it for one week and those were the worst days of my life.OMGVIS0029-7
8. What will you do if I start eating meat in front of you?OMGVIS0029-8
9.  Don’t you get bored by eating plants all the day? They all are same.OMGVIS0029-9
10. Dude! You must try meat. You will love it.OMGVIS0029-10

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