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7 of The Weirdest Things on The Earth

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The world is a very strange place to live. Several weird things happen every day around the earth. What was the last weird thing you saw in your life? Here are some of the weirdest things on the planet.

1. What is the color of water? You will surely say that water is colorless, but there is a lake in a city in Iraq, sadr City, which has a color. The lake is called ‘Lake of Blood’ just because its color is blood’s color.OMGVIS0027-1
2. What do you know about an island? Do you know there is an island in a lake? The strangest thing is that there is an island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island.OMGVIS0027-2
3. Have you heard about the cavernous which is situated about sixteen stories beneath the Manhattan city?OMGVIS0027-3
4. According to a group of researchers, they spotted a UFO like disc at the bottom of Baltic Sea. The weird thing is that electronic components stop working near the disc.OMGVIS0027-4
5. Who don’t know about strange yet famous Bermuda Triangle? According to reports, a number of ships and aircraft vanished in the triangle.OMGVIS0027-5
6. Hong Kong’s Kowloon Walled City is among the most densely populated cities around the world.OMGVIS0027-6
7. According to a team of oceanographers they have found a city in Gulf of Cambay coast in India.OMGVIS0027-7

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