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8 Common Lies We All Say But Never Admit

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We all use to lie at times. Sometimes, we say lie to save ourselves from problems and sometimes, just to have fun. Here are some of the most common lies we people say in our day-to-day life.

1. The most common lie that we all say at least once in our life is ‘I never lie’. There is not a single person on the planet who never lied.OMGVIS0028-1
2. When you are going to attend a party and suddenly your friend calls. You are at home but you said you friend that you are just about to reach.OMGVIS0028-2
3. When you called me I was busy and didn’t notice your call.OMGVIS0028-3
4. At least once in your life, you planned a diet for yourself but never followed it. You always say, “I will start my diet from tomorrow”.OMGVIS0028-4
5. Even when you are in hospital, you reply ‘I am fine’ when your friend ask about your health.OMGVIS0028-5
6. When you don’t feel like attending a party with your friends, you make excuse by saying, “I am not feeling well today”.OMGVIS0028-6
7. When your friends are not aware about your relationship, you always said that you are virgin.OMGVIS0028-7
8. When you are busy and your friend calls you, you say ‘I will call you back in five minutes’.OMGVIS0028-8

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