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10 Bizarre Mysteries Of Our Planet

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Earth is the third planet from the sun. In the solar system, it is the only known astronomical object to support life. What else you know about the mother earth? Do you know there are some mysteries around the world that are still unsolved? Here are some of them:
1.    In China, there is a place ‘Dwarf Village’ whose more than 40% residents are far shorter than an average human. The tallest person in the village is a three feet tall individual. OMGVIS037-12.    You may have heard about Bermuda Triangle. A number of ships and aircrafts are reported to be vanished in the area. Scientists still don’t anything about the mysterious place. OMGVIS037-23.    Several years ago in about 500 AD, Peru’s Nazca people suddenly disappeared. Before the disappearance, they left a huge geoglyphs of animals. Some legends believe that Nazca people were abducted by aliens. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????4.    The Patomskiy Crater is a mystery for scientists from decades. It was discovered in 1949 by geologist Vadim Kolpakov. According to some experts, the crater is located in a place where even animals do not prefer to go. OMGVIS037-45.    Have you ever heard about the lost city of Atlantis? According to reports, a powerful earthquake shook the city and killed all the people. There is no proof whether the city was on the planet or not. OMGVIS037-56.    Bouvet Island is an uninhabited island in Norway. According to reports, no one has ever tried to live there due to harsh conditions. In 1964, a British expedition found a lifeboat on the island. OMGVIS037-67.    Voynich Manuscript is a mystery for scientists from a long time. It was written probably during 16th century, but nobody knows the origin of the language. OMGVIS037-78.    In 1977, a radio signal was captured by Jerry R. Ehman. According to reports, the signal came from constellation Sagittarius.    OMGVIS037-89.    During the Second World War, a number of fighter jet pilots reported that they saw some strange lights coming from strange discs hovering over their planes. OMGVIS037-910.    According to a number of people from western Switzerland, they have seen a man in military uniform with a gas mask walking the same path.     OMGVIS037-10

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