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10 Most Dangerous Countries in the World

10 Most Dangerous Countries in the World
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ho doesn’t want to live in a peaceful country? But, there are some countries around the globe where it is difficult to live. Here is a list of ten countries that are not safe to live.
1.    Syria: The country in Western Asia is the most dangerous country to live. Bombs, tanks and guns are everywhere in Syria. ISIS militants have made it very difficult for people to live peacefully in Syria. OMGVIS033-12.    Afghanistan: The landlocked country is not at all a safe place to live. Due to the ongoing Afghan civil war, one cannot even plan a trip to the country. OMGVIS033-23.    South Sudan: According to recent reports, civil war of South Sudan is one of the worst conflicts on the planet. South Sudan became an independent state about four years ago and it has been facing internal conflicts since then.OMGVIS033-34.    Iraq: Islamic State terrorist group has been trying to take over the largest areas of the country. According to reports, Iraq has been affected by the Iraq War. OMGVIS033-45.    Somalia: The country located in the Horn of Africa has a number of problems to deal with, and the Somali Civil War is the biggest issue. Thousands of people have died due to the ongoing war.    OMGVIS033-56.    Sudan: The Republic of the Sudan is the third largest country in Africa. Poor human rights and two civil wars have made it difficult for people to spend their life happily in the country. OMGVIS033-67.    Central African Republic: Another country in Africa is in the list of most dangerous countries around the globe. The country gained freedom in 1960 from France, but the autocratic leaders made the country a bad place to live.OMGVIS033-7 8.    Democratic Republic of Congo: One more country of African region, Democratic Republic of Congo, has many political problems. Wars killed millions of people since 1998. OMGVIS033-89.    Pakistan: The country with population of more than 190 million people is not a safe place to live. Military rule, clash with neighboring nations, poverty and terrorism are some of the major problems in Pakistan. OMGVIS033-910.    North Korea: The country has a few problems and poor human rights law is the major problem. People of the country are managed by the state.

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