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10 Reasons Why Men Hate Shopping with Women

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Shopping means crowded markets, a list of things to buy and time to explore the perfect stuff. For women, shopping is a sport, but for men, it is an annoying task. Here are some of the reasons why men are not too keen when it comes about shopping.
1.    According to a latest survey, about 25 minutes after the shopping starts, men begin getting bored. OMGVIS032-12.    When it is a holiday, most of the men love to watch their favorite sport on TV, but shopping means entire day of search. Missing a match makes a man angry. OMGVIS032-23.    Women can spend hours on shopping, but a man try to shop as quickly as possible. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for a man to find clothes of his choice. OMGVIS032-34.    When you are shopping in a crowded market, you have to hear loud noises and men hate that. OMGVIS032-45.    According to men, they hunt when they are shopping, while on the other side, women graze.   OMGVIS032-56.    When a guy decides to shop, he has plans in his mind, but when a woman decides to shop, she goes to the market then decides what she should buy.OMGVIS032-67.    Spending more than one hour in a shopping center makes a man angry.OMGVIS032-78.    The people in the market make a man deeply unhappy.OMGVIS032-89.    Women check a product more than hundred times then decide whether they should buy it or not. OMGVIS032-910.    Men hate bargaining and women love to do that.         OMGVIS032-10

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