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10 Things You Face When You Are With A Talkative Person

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There are some people in the world who are shy, and don’t know how to speak and what to speak. On the other side, some people have the superpower of talking without any reason. Sometimes, it becomes annoying to stay with them. Here are some of the things you face when you are with a chatter box.

1. As they can talk continuously, you don’t get any chance to speak. When you try to say something, they immediately interrupt you and starting talking again.OMGVIS0043-1
2. You don’t know when they were quite last time. You wonder how a person can talk continuously. You don’t remember when you had a healthy conversation with them.OMGVIS0043-2
3. You know everything about them as they share everything about them with you.OMGVIS0043-3
4. You don’t know how to shut them up.OMGVIS0043-4
5. When you are with other people, you are always afraid that they will share embarrassing things about you.OMGVIS0043-5
6. Without asking, they start telling you how their day was.OMGVIS0043-6
7. They always have list of things to talk about. You never feel bored when you are with them.OMGVIS0043-7
8. They are never out of a topic as they have lots of things to say about that topic.OMGVIS0043-8
9. You usually use the word ‘sshhh’ to shut them up.OMGVIS0043-9
10. They are always honest and whenever you need an opinion, you call them.         OMGVIS0043-10

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