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6 Most Difficult People To Impress

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It is not an easy task to impress someone. It becomes more difficult when the person knows you are trying to impress them. Here are some of the people that are very hard to impress.
1.    Boss: There are many types of bosses. They can be helping, joyful, stressed or understandable, but it is not easy to impress any of them. It doesn’t matter how productive or hard worker you are, it is not easy to impress a boss. OMGVIS031-12.    Dad: You may have tried at least once in your life to impress your dad, but failed. It’s okay! Dad is among those people who are very hard to impress. He will not be impressed even when you score more than 90% in your exams.OMGVIS031-2 3.    Best Friend: You cannot impress your best friend easily because he/she knows the real you. Your best friend knows when you are trying hard to impress. OMGVIS031-34.    Mother: She knows everything about you. She does what you want her to do, but sometimes, it becomes very difficult to impress her. OMGVIS031-45.    Mother- In-Law: A bride can tell you better how difficult it is to make an impression on a mother-in-law. Whatever you do for her, it will always be less. She will criticize you for small things. OMGVIS031-56.    Girlfriend: Girlfriends do not get impressed easily. They always have a long list of questions to ask their boyfriends. When you try to impress your girlfriend by giving her a rose, she will say ‘why a rose? Don’t you know I hate roses’?    OMGVIS031-5

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