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7 Things Indian People are Really Good At

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India is among the countries growing at a good rate. There are a number of good and bad things about the country. There is no doubt that Indian people are incredible. They can do some things that only they can do.
1.    Indians know how to give respect to elders. They not only touch their elders’ feet, but never call them with their names. OMGVIS034-12.    When it comes about bargaining, no one can beat an Indian. They have the natural ability to convince a shopkeeper to reduce the price of an item. OMGVIS034-23.    People in India are very friendly. Guests are equal to God for Indians. You will not find hospitality that can emulate India. OMGVIS034-34.    Indians are fun loving people. They can attend long weddings without dropping their energy levels.OMGVIS034-45.    Indians are always up with low cost solutions. They use the available resources in the best way.OMGVIS034-56.    Indian people are very good at cooking. They can cook some of the most delicious dishes of world. OMGVIS034-67.    Indians believe in unity. They love to meet their family members without fixing an appointment.      OMGVIS034-7

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