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8 Annoying Things People Say To A Non-Drinker

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For some people, you are not a party animal if you don’t drink. It becomes irritating when you are the only individual in your friend zone who doesn’t drink because they annoy you with silly comments. Here are some of the annoying things people say when you are a non-drinker.
1.    Are you kidding? You seriously don’t drink? Your life must be boring. What you do for fun?  OMGVIS038-12.    If you don’t drink then what you do? How are you alive without getting drunk? OMGVIS038-23.    You never drink? Why? Is it because you are too religious or your parents have told you not to drink. OMGVIS038-34.    You must try once? Believe! you will have fun. It will be the best thing you have ever tasted in your life. OMGVIS038-45.    Do you think you are better than people who love to drink? Don’t you feel you are missing the most amazing thing of your life? OMGVIS038-56.    Is it because you don’t want to spend on drinks? I will pay for you. OMGVIS038-67.    You will be a boring person and we are not going to invite you for parties. OMGVIS038-98.    You don’t drink which means you are vegetarian.      OMGVIS038-8

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