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8 Excuses We Give For Not Hitting Gym

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Working out in a gym is not everyone’s cup of tea. If you have decided to get in shape, you must be dedicated to hit a gym. But, it is not easy to go the gym every day. Some people start making excuses for not going there. Here are some of those justifications that people give:

1. The very first excuse that people give is: I will start it again from Monday and after that I will work out regularly.OMGVIS0045-1
2. I am too busy with my life and I don’t have enough time to hit a gym.OMGVIS0045-2
3. If you go to gym in the morning, you will make excuse like ‘I am too tired today. Let’s skip gym’.OMGVIS0045-3
4. There are some other greater stress busters than gym. I will prefer yoga over gym.OMGVIS0045-4
5. Gyms are really crowded and I will not get enough time to do exercise there.OMGVIS0045-5
6. Weather outside is not good and I must stay at home.OMGVIS0045-6
7. Oh! It’s already too late for today. I will take care next time to get ready at time.OMGVIS0045-7
8. I don’t need to go to gym as I am already fit. If necessary, I will prefer jogging.       OMGVIS0045-8

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