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Five Career Options Parents Never Understand

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According to some parents, you are successful in life if you are a doctor or an engineer. They always encourage their children to opt a career like engineer or doctor, and don’t ask the children what they actually want to do. Here are five of the career options that parents never understand.

1. Pet Groomer: As a youngster, you may find it a cool career option, but according to parents, you don’t have bright future as a pet groomer. If you will tell parents about your decision to be a pet groomer, they will be with the question ‘What? Is it really a career option?’OMGVIS0044-1
2. Actor: You cannot even dare to ask your parents to allow you to be an actor. As per the parents, acting is just a waste of time. If somehow, you managed to ask your parents about being an actor, they will ask you to get out of the house.OMGVIS0044-2

3. App or Game Tester: Smartphones and computers are everywhere. You know what role they play in our daily lives. You may have several applications and games on your phone and love to play them. How about using them all the day? That’s what a tester does. But, parents don’t find this job cool.OMGVIS0044-3

4. Photographer: If it is your hobby, parents are okay with it, but if you want to choose it as a career option, be ready to face the anger of your parents. According to parents, shooting is career of people who are crazy.OMGVIS0044-4
5. Wine Taster: You can ask for your parents’ permission to be a bartender, but you must be brave to convince them to allow you to be a wine taster. It is the job where companies pay you to taste wine.OMGVIS0044-5

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