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10 Beautiful Countries Indians can Travel Without Visa

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How about visiting a country without visa? You will say that’s not possible. But, there are several countries around the world that allow Indian tourists without visa. Here is a list of such countries:

1. Maldives: If you are an Indian, you can visit the beautiful Asian country without worrying about visa. It is among the most perfect holiday spots around the globe.OMGVIS0049-1
2. Thailand: Just pack your bags and book your tickets for Thailand. It is a fun place to visit. A number of Indian people go there to view most amazing islands on the planet.OMGVIS0049-2
3. Sri Lanka: It is a peaceful Asian country which has various kinds of wildlife. Beautiful beaches are the most amazing things to see when you are in Sri Lanka.OMGVIS0049-3
4. Laos: If you are looking for a beautiful place where you don’t require visa, then Laos would be a perfect destination. Beautiful locations of the country make you feel stress-free.OMGVIS0049-4
5. Mauritius: Who doesn’t want to go Mauritius? The volcanic island nation provides tons of beautiful views which will surely fascinate you.OMGVIS0049-5
6. Cambodia: The Southeast Asian nation offers a number of things to do. Sunrise at Angkor Wat is the best thing to do in the country.OMGVIS0049-6
7. Seychelles: If you love beaches, Seychelles is one of the best places to visit. The Best thing about it is that a tourist can stay in the country for about three without visa.OMGVIS0049-7
8. Madagascar: The African country is an island off the southeast coast of Africa. ‘Visa on arrival’ policy of the country allows a tourist to see the beautiful land more closely.OMGVIS0049-8
9. Jamaica: Beautiful beaches, rainforests and mountains are the prime things to see when you are in Jamaica. A number of tourists visit the country every year.OMGVIS0049-9
10.  Fiji: It is a country in the South Pacific. The country has ‘visa on arrival’ policy for Indians. The country is the best place for surfers.OMGVIS0049-10

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