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10 Excuses Parents In India Give Their Children To Get Married Soon

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What is the perfect time to tie a knot? You will say it is when you have found a very special person and done everything that you wished to do before marriage. But in India, parents decide when you should get married. Here are some of the excuses parents give their children to get married right now.

1. You are growing older. Once you cross the marriage-age, nobody will be interested in marrying you.OMGVIS0047-1
2. What? You are not going to get married right now? What people will think about you?OMGVIS0047-2
3. Why don’t you think about your grandfather? It is his last wish to see you getting married.OMGVIS0047-3
4. Don’t you realize your elder siblings and friends are getting married? You should tie a knot right now.OMGVIS0047-4

5. Someone has recommended a good guy/girl. You should marry that person.

6. If you will not get married now, you don’t have time to have kids.

7. You have a very good job; it is the perfect time to get married.

8. Relatives are asking us about your marriage, we can’t answer them.

9. Don’t you think we should live peacefully? You should get married because we want be live a stress-free life.

10. You don’t know what your responsibilities are. Marriage will make you a responsible person.

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