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10 Things That Happen When You Meet Your Friend After A long Time

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Meeting an old friend after a long time is like finding a buried treasure. You cannot describe your feelings when it happens. Here are the things that happen when you meet you friend after ages.
1.    You rub your eyes to make sure it is actually happening. When you realize your friend is really in front of you, you scream and hug your buddy. OMGVIS07064-12.    You notice each other’s appearance and realize that both of you have changed over time. While doing so, there will be an unexplained smile on your face.  OMGVIS07064-23.    When you start conversation with your friend, it seems awkward because you are so excited that you don’t know what to speak. ?????????4.    You start an argument with your friend for not calling you over years. You blame each other.OMGVIS07064-4 5.    Suddenly, you become emotional and start expressing your friend how much you miss those good old days. _SKR7705.NEF6.    You start talking about embarrassing moments when you two were together. OMGVIS07064-67.    You make plan for a party with your friend. OMGVIS07064-78.    Talk about past, present life and future plans. You ask your friend about their life without you. OMGVIS07064-89.    You ask a stranger to take a picture of you and your friend. OMGVIS07064-910.    You start feeling like your life has got a reason to live again.     OMGVIS07064-10

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