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7 Things Friendship Is All About

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Friendship is the most special gift one could ever receive in life. You love to share your happy and gloomy moments with your friend. Here are seven of the things friendship is all about.

1. Friendship is All About Knowing Everything About Each Other: You love to share everything with your friends. They know everything about each other. They never hide anything.OMGVIS0046-1
2. Friendship is All About Crying With Each Other: Friendship doesn’t mean you are sharing just happy moments with your friends. It is about crying with each other. You provide your shoulder when your friend is sad.OMGVIS0046-2
3. Friendship is All About Knowing Each Other’s Strengths and Weaknesses: Nobody is perfect, but you always try to hide your weaknesses from others. When it comes about friendship, you don’t hide your weaknesses from your friend and your friend doesn’t take advantage of it.OMGVIS0046-3
4. Friendship is All About Getting in Trouble Together: Your friend will never leave you when you are in trouble. He/she will try their best to get you out of that problem.OMGVIS0046-4
5. Friendship is All About Patiently Bearing Each Other: You can annoy your friends, shout at them and throw things on them. They will patiently endure your strange behavior.OMGVIS0046-5
6. Friendship is All About Support: You don’t fear when you have a perfect friend. You know that person will be there when you will need a support.OMGVIS0046-6
7. Friendship is All About Giving Freedom: Your friend will never let you down. You will never feel that you are not getting the freedom to be yourself.      OMGVIS0046-7

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