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7 Types of People You Find On Every Matrimonial Site

7 Types of People You Find On Every Matrimonial Site
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There is no doubt that Indian people are very much obsessed with marriage. Almost every 24 something individual will have profile on a matrimonial site. These sites, which are always full of strange birds, have many kinds of people. Some of them are:
1.    Choosy One: They are the people who have lots of demands. According to them, the individual they are looking for must be perfect. Their expectations are too good to be true. OMGVIS039-12.    Whose Profiles are Handled by Parents: You will see a picture of young individual and start exploring more about him/her, but suddenly you realize someone else is managing their profiles. They are the parents. Couple Using Laptop And Discussing Household Bills Sitting On Sofa At Home3.    Self Proclaimed Richie Rich: You will find some individuals on matrimonial sites who are very rich in their own words. They put only those pictures where they have donned designer clothes. OMGVIS039-34.    Fake: There are some people who make profile just to have fun. They are on such sites just to pass their time. In their profiles, they provide detail which is completely wrong. OMGVIS039-45.    Shy One: Some people are so shy that they don’t know how to start a conversation. You will get point-to-point answers from them. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????6.    The NRI: You will meet some people who will talk just about the countries where they have been living. They will talk less about themselves and more about their work and house. OMGVIS039-67.    Nice One: There will be a few good people who are just perfect.


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