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Eight Surprising Facts About Dreams You Probably Don’t Know

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Every night when you sleep, you visit an imaginary world where everything is possible. A dream is all about mysteries, nightmare and much more. Here are some of the surprising facts about dreams that will blow your mind.
1.    You can see a person or place while having a dream, but you cannot read anything.  OMGVIS07067-12.    According to reports, the most common dream that a number people have seen is about their spouses. As per the people, they saw their partners cheating on them. OMGVIS07067-23.    An average individual can have around 1,460 to 2,190 dreams per year.  OMGVIS07067-34.    When it comes about dreams, eyes don’t matter. A blind individual can also dream. OMGVIS07067-45.    According to a study, women usually have more nightmares than men. Adding to that, their nightmares are more intense than men’s nightmares. OMGVIS07067-56.    More than 90% dreams are forgotten right after the person wakes up. OMGVIS07067-67.    It is possible to manipulate your dreams. Just like a film, you have the ability to change the beginning and ending of your dreams. OMGVIS07067-7
8.    About 80% of your dreams are colorful, while the remaining dreams are always colorless.           OMGVIS07067-8

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