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Five Everyday Things That Were Invented Accidentally

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We make a perfect plan to invent something interesting, but sometimes, an accident can result into a discovery. Here are some of the everyday things that were invented accidently.
1.    Plastic: What do you about the material? Yes! It can be seen everywhere around us. But do you know how it was invented? Chemist Leo Hendrik Baekeland invented the material when he was trying to make a material that could replace shellac. OMGVIS07065-12.    Potato Chips: George Crum is the inventor of potato chips. In 1853, the chef made the potato chips when a customer kept on sending back the fries made by Crum. OMGVIS07065-23.    Cornflakes: In 1894, John and Will Kellogg invented cornflakes when they trying to make a new kind of food. During a night, they accidently left a pot of corn and when they woke up next morning, they found an amazing food.OMGVIS07065-34.    Teflon: Today, you can cook an omelet for you without sticking it on the pan. It is all because of chemist Roy Plunkett. The chemist invented Teflon when he was conducting a research with refrigerants.OMGVIS07065-45.    Coca Cola: Who doesn’t love soft-drinks? But do you know it was invented by chance by pharmacist John Pemberton. Before inventing the drink, he was lieutenant colonel.               OMGVIS07065-5

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