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Seven Ways to Make A Good First Impression

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There is a very famous saying that first impression is the last impression, and it is very true. Sometimes, you meet a new person and try to impress him. As per a new research, first seven seconds of the meeting decides whether the person is impressed or not. It becomes very important to make a good first impression.
1.    Be On Time: The very first thing that impresses others is time. In today’s world, not body has enough time to wait, so make sure you are on time. If you are on time, you will impress the person without speaking a word. Four Businesspersons  2.    Be Confident: It is very important to meet a new person confidently. If you are not confident, then you will not be able to talk freely. First of all, shake hands with the person. OMGVIS07068-23.    Make Eye Contact: Don’t show the person that you are confused or nervous. Maintain an eye contact while talking. It will not only show that you are confident, but also make that person comfortable with you. OMGVIS07068-34.    In spite of Telling, Ask: Before meeting a person, prepare the things that you are going to ask. Instead of telling your story to that person, ask questions and let that person tell the story.OMGVIS07068-45.    Stay Cool: Whether you are meeting your client or going for an interview, make sure you are not confused. Don’t be nervous and stay calm. ID:583697426.    Respect The Person: It doesn’t matter whether the person you are meeting with is a junior or your client, always give respect to that person. It is the only way you can demand respect for yourself. Greet the person with a smile. OMGVIS07068-67.    Start The Conversation: Be the first one to start the conversation. In spite of looking here and there, start talking to that person. OMGVIS07068-7

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