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Things Men Do Completely Different From Women

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There is no doubt that men are completely different from women. Both men and women see the world in totally different ways. Their way of living, thinking, emotions and even choices are different from each other. As they are different, they do things differently. Here are the things men do differently from women.
1.    They Don’t Start An Argument: When it comes about arguments, no one can beat a woman. Men never start an argument and if they speak anything in between an argument, it becomes a topic of next argument. OMGVIS07062-12.    They Spend More on Friends: Men forget about money when they are with friends. They spend more than double when it comes about partying. On the other side, women hesitate while spending their money on friends.OMGVIS07062-23.    They Think About Nothing: If a man says he is thinking about nothing, then believe him. Men have a unique ability to thinking about nothing. OMGVIS07062-34.    Love: For men, love is sex, while women think lots of things about love. OMGVIS07062-45.    Men Don’t Think About Future: Women have a habit of thinking too much about future, while men don’t waste their time thinking about future. They believe in living in present. OMGVIS07062-56.    Dressing: A man wear the same suit for both marriage and funeral, while a woman always has dress for party, birthday, marriage, funeral, shopping and so many other occasions.        OMGVIS07062-6

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