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Things Parents want Their Daughters to Know When She Is Going To Get Married

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A daughter is the best gift parents ever receive in their life. They see her playing with dolls, go to school and get a good job. Then the time comes when she has to get married. Apart from preparing for the most special day of her life, parents prepare their daughter for her new life. Here are some of the things parents want their daughter to know before getting married.
1.    After marriage, there will be a time when she has to make a decision. Her decision should be based on the voice of her heart. Her parents want her to listen to everyone, but do what her heart says. OMGVIS07063-12.    A marriage is not just about spending time with husband. There will be love, fight, care, arguments and struggle. She has to face every situation with her husband. OMGVIS07063-23.    She is going to live with her husband, but it doesn’t mean her parents will go far from her life. OMGVIS07063-34.    After marriage, her husband will expect some things from her. It is her duty to make sure that she is not lowering expectations of her husband. OMGVIS07063-45.    She spends her childhood with her parents, now she is going to live with her husband’s parents. It is her duty to take care of her in-laws like her own parents. OMGVIS07063-56.    Running a house is not an easy job to do, but she has to keep patience.OMGVIS07063-67.    The world may be a very busy place, but she has to make sure that she and her husband are spending a good quality time with each other.OMGVIS07063-78.    She will not get enough time to visit her parents, but she can call them whenever she wants to. They will always be there for her.         OMGVIS07063-8

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