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10 Ways Men are Different from Boys

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Women love to chase men not boys. Being a man doesn’t mean growing beard or earning a huge amount of money. It is much more than just living your life. Here are some of the differences between men and boys.
1.    A man believes in taking responsibility. While boys prefer to make excuse when they do something wrong, men take responsibility for their actions. OMGVIS0703-12.    Boys do talking while men believe in action. They show with their actions what they want to do with their life. OMGVIS0703-23.    A complete man is always one woman man. He believes in wooing a woman in hundred ways, while a boy believes in impressing hundreds of women. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????4.    When it comes about attention, a boy demands for it, while a man believes in earning attention.
5.    Man is the one who loves to walk beside his partner, while a boy prefers to walk 10 steps ahead.OMGVIS0703-5 6.    A man always supports his partner, while a boy doesn’t care about anyone else.
7.    A man has a plan in his mind. He knows what he wants and then plans how to achieve his aim. On the other side, boys don’t think much about it.
8.    A man respects himself. He never breaks his promises and sticks to his world, while a buy doesn’t care about promises. OMGVIS0703-89.    A man can’t see a woman cry, while a boy makes a girl cry.
10.    Boys prefer to do what is easy, while men do what is right.


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