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5 Ways Smartphone Applications Have Changed The Way of Communication

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Smartphone is a gadget that can provide a world with a number of possibilities. Today, we do many silly things with our smartphones. From making calls to taking pictures to listening songs, smartphone has been used for several purposes. The gadget has changed us and our way of communication. Here are some of the ways smartphone apps changed the way of communication.

1. Message Apps: Remember the time when we used to make new friends from across the world through our email ids. Chatting through Gmail and Yahoo was a trend before smartphone’s arrival, but now they have been replaced by free message applications like WhatsApp, Wechat and snap chat.OMGVIS0081-1
2. Social Networking: Before smartphones, we used to operate our social media accounts through a personal computer and laptops. Now, the gadget connects us with our friends in just one click.OMGVIS0081-2
3. Photo and Video Sharing: There was a time when we used to send photos or videos through multimedia messages. Cost of such messages was very high. But, smartphones have solved the problem. There are a number of applications which allow users to send a number of photos, videos and important documents through phones.hands texting with mobile phones in cafe
4. Video Calling: Some time before, video calling wasn’t as easy as it is today. People sitting on other locations used to chat with their relatives through computers while using webcams, but today, you can video chat with your friend through your phone.OMGVIS0081-4
5. Communication for Business: Smartphones are not just for fun. You can use the gadget for business purposes too. You can talk to your clients and video chat with them with the help of a smartphone.  OMGVIS0081-5

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