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7 Comparisons Between Life Before and After Social Media

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Life on internet was different in the absence of social media. Words like ‘like’ and ‘comment’ were not that much popular among people. Today, social media is a phenomenon. Here are some of the differences between life before and after social media.

1. Life before Social Media: Before social media’s arrival, people used internet just to check their mails and search something serious.

Life after Social Media: You can spend hours on social networking websites without any reason. You keep on checking people’s updates and your social media accounts.OMGVIS0083-1
2. Life before Social Media: The word ‘social’ means meeting people in public.

Life after Social Media: You may have hundreds of friends added in your Facebook account, but you rarely have four or five friends in real life.OMGVIS0083-2
3. Life before Social Media: Mobile phones were not that much important. They were used just to make a call or send an important message.

Life after Social Media: You cannot imagine your life without your smartphone. You talk to your friends through apps like Whatsapp.OMGVIS0083-3
4. Life before Social Media: Children used to spend time after school in playgrounds. They used to play real games.

Life after Social Media: You will rarely see any kid in a playground. They used to play games on their smartphones with their friends.OMGVIS0083-4
5. Life before Social Media: When there was no social media, people did not share their personal thoughts with others.

Life after Social Media: People not only share their personal life, but also comment on other’s life.OMGVIS0083-5
6. Life before Social Media: People used to wish birthdays and marriage anniversaries by calling and sending post cards and messages.

Life after Social Media: People don’t remember birthdays and come to know when social networking sites memorize them.OMGVIS0083-6
7. Life before Social Media: Television, radio and newspapers were the prime sources to advertize a business.

Life after Social Media: You can promote your business online by sharing about it on social media websites.OMGVIS0083-7

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