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7 Things That Happen In Your Last Year of College

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College time is always the best time of an individual’s life. During your college life, you are free to do mistakes. Apart from that, it is the place that makes you grow as a mature person. The last year of the college is always the memorable one because it is the time when you are enjoying as seniors. Here are some of the things you face when it is your last year in the college.
1.    You constantly think about your four years in college and realize that the time has gone by so quickly. OMGVIS0704-12.    You make a list of things and activities you want to do before leaving the college campus. OMGVIS0704-23.    You realize that it will be your last year with your buddies, so you decide to spend most of your time with them. Suddenly, they become everything for you. OMGVIS0704-34.    You may have some enemies in college, but when it is your last year, you decide to bury bad memories. You try to patch up with your rivals. OMGVIS0704-45.    You know it is going to be the last twelve months in the college and after that you have to concentrate on your career. You start worrying about your future. OMGVIS0704-56.    You didn’t like teachers in the first four years of your college, but in the last year, you start thinking differently for them. The teachers whom you hate the most become your favorite teachers. OMGVIS0704-67.    You start taking pictures and videos. Every photograph you capture has some emotional memories attached to it.            OMGVIS0704-7

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