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7 Things You Lose When You Enter A Relationship with Someone

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Relationship is all about commitment. There are people in this world who can’t imagine their life without a relationship with their loves ones, and there are some people too who are never prepared to commit. They always fear about their freedom. Here are some of the things you usually lose when you enter a relationship.
1.    Your Male or Female Friends: Both a guy and a girl compromise when they decide to enter a relationship. That relationship affects friendship and they lose their friends.    OMGVIS0706-12.    Your Freedom: Before entering a relationship, you were a free bird, but now you have to be mature. In spite of opening a beer bottle with your friends on weekends, you have to give time to your partner. OMGVIS0706-23.    Fun: After entering a relationship, you are not allowed to flirt with hot girls or guys around you. When you are in a relationship, you realize there are some boundaries that you are not allowed to cross. OMGVIS0706-34.    Emotions: You cannot express yourself freely when you are in a serious relationship. You have to make sure your partner is happy all the time. You cannot tell them they are boring. OMGVIS0706-45.    Decision About Finance: You money is not just your now. You have to tell your partner where and how much you are spending every day.      OMGVIS0706-56.    Space: Everybody needs a ‘me time’, but when you are in a relationship, you cannot demand for space. You have to tell every single thing to your partner. OMGVIS0706-67.    Plans: Before making a plan, you have to discuss with your partner. If your partner approves the plan, only then you can think about implementing it.      OMGVIS0706-7

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