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8 Incredible World Food Records

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Eating or cooking is not everyone’s cup of tea. Food lovers are always obsessed with biggest and weirdest. There are several records around the world about the food. Here are some of them:
1.    A German woman, Martina Servaty, has held the record of extracting the most amount of grapes juice by treading them. About four years ago, Servaty extracted more than eight liters juice in just sixty seconds. OMGVIS0809-12.    During an ice-cream festival, Dimitri Panciera made the record by stacking seventy-one scoops.OMGVIS0809-23.    If you think, you are the biggest lover of Big Macs, you should meet Don Gorske. According to him, he consumed more than 25,000 Big Macs in his life. To prove his word, he has receipts of those Big Macs. OMGVIS0809-34.    In 2005, Colin Shirlow made a unique record by eating 233 oysters in just three minutes. OMGVIS0809-45.    Have you ever thought of dinking a bottle of ketchup? It may sound weird to you, but a German guy, Benedikt Weber, has held the record of drinking a ketchup bottle in just 32 seconds. Benedikt Weber - Fastest Time To Drink Bottle Of Ketchup Guinness World Records 2012 Phorto Credit: Richard Bradbury/Guinness World Records Location: Munich, Germany
6.    In 2006, a United States male, Tony Gemignani, made a record by spinning about five hundred grams of dough for about 120 seconds to make pizza base. The base measured 33.2 inch.  OMGVIS0809-67.    About 15 years ago, an Austin man, Rob Williams, made a sandwich in less than two minutes. What’s amazing in that? Well, Williams made the sandwich with his feet.  OMGVIS0809-7  8.    At a bar in London, a cocktail made by Salvatore Calabrese was the most expensive cocktail ever. According to reports, it was sold for about 5,500 British pounds.


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