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8 Typical Questions That Are Asked To Indian Girl Before The Wedding

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Marriages are made in heaven. A marriage is not about two people or two families, but about two souls. For some people, it is more than that. During a meeting for marriage, a girl has to answers countless annoying questions and some of them are as follow:
1.    People have a perception that women are incomplete if they don’t know how to cook. ‘Do you know how to cook?’ is the very first question that is asked to every girl. OMGVIS0705-12.    Another typical question to be asked to a girl is: What are your opinions about job after marriage? Some girls are even asked to stop thinking about career after marriage. OMGVIS0705-23.    In countries like India, a girl is asked about her clothes. Questions like ‘will you wear traditional or western clothes after marriage?’ are very common. OMGVIS0705-34.    Do you love kids? It is one of the most typical questions asked to every girl. It is still not clear why this question is important to ask.     Baby girl with mother smiling5.    Will you able to manage in joint family? OMGVIS0705-56.    A meeting about marriage is always incomplete without talking about girl’s past. A girl has to answer questions like ‘Did you have a boyfriend in the past?’Yeh Hai Aashiqui7.    ‘Which is your favorite movie?’ It is still not revealed how useful the question is to fix a marriage. OMGVIS0705-78.    A girl has to answer about her virginity. Questions like ‘are you virgin?’ are common.   OMGVIS0705-8

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