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Five Key Differences between Busy Individuals and Productive Individuals

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If you are spending full eight hours of a day in your office working on a project, it doesn’t mean you are productive. There is a huge difference between being busy and being productive. To clear the confusion, here we are with five major differences between busy people and productive people.

1. Busy Individuals: After a long time, they just think about how busy they were. They just calculate the time they worked and then decide their accomplishment.

Productive Individuals: In spite of counting their working hours, productive individual ask themselves a question ‘How closer I have come to accomplish my goals?’OMGVIS0084-1
2. Busy Individuals: They are the people who spend their time reacting to events. They are always in hurry.

Productive Individuals: They are always calm. They know they have enough time to react. In spite of losing their temper, they stay focused in their life.OMGVIS0084-2
3. Busy Individuals: They have a number of tasks to do and don’t have time to live their life.

Productive Individuals: They set priorities before starting a task. They know when they have to multitask and when to take a break.OMGVIS0084-3
4. Busy Individuals: Clock always runs faster for them. They stay busy all the day, but at the end of the day, they don’t know where they spent their valuable time.

Productive Individuals: They know what they are doing with the time. They know when they can give their best.OMGVIS0084-4
5. Busy Individuals: As they have lots of tasks to do, they are focused on quantity. They try to finish their work before the end of the day.

Productive Individuals: Instead of focusing on quantity, they focus on quality. According to them, productivity means quality of a thing and not the quantity.OMGVIS0084-5

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