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Things Women Say That Most of The Men Misunderstand

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Women are the most complex creatures created by God. It is nearly impossible for a man to understand what a woman says what her actual meaning was. Here are some of the things that are usually misunderstood by men.
1.    If a woman says ‘nothing’, it doesn’t really mean ‘nothing’. The actual meaning of the word is that there is something but you have to find it yourself. OMGVIS0808-12.    ‘Am I not Beautiful?’ Don’t ever say ‘no’. The question has been asked to listen ‘you are the most beautiful women on the planet’. OMGVIS0808-23.    Women usually use the word ‘whatever’ which means I am in no mood to argue with you. OMGVIS0808-34.    When a woman says ‘fine’, it means you should stop arguing. It is women’s way of telling that they don’t want to fight anymore.OMGVIS0808-45.    ‘I don’t want to talk’. A number of women use the phrase when they sad or depressed. It doesn’t mean they really don’t want to talk. They want you to talk to them. OMGVIS0808-56.    We usually use the phrase ‘It’s okay’ to end a conversation, but women use it to say that they will take some more time to take revenge.  OMGVIS0808-67.    If a woman says ‘I am sorry’, don’t think she is apologizing. She is just trying to get away from a bad situation.      OMGVIS0808-7

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